India culture

Indian culture is very different from city to city of India. Dance, music, art, language, food and even architecture are different from region to region. Indian culture is not new its roots are embedded many years back.  Some says that it take inspiration from Dharmic religion.

I was talking with a friend of mine who live in New Braunfels and is currently working over Tree Removal Portland. He said that Indians are family oriented people. They live in joint family system where parents, children, children spouse and their off springs live together. And most eldest person of house is head of family and all-important decisions taken by head of family and all family members accept and obey his order.

Indian people generally speak Hindi but there is no official language of India. Only 59% of Indians speak Hindi rest of the nation speak some other language.

As India is birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism so there are majority of both only 12% Indians are Pakistani.

Indian cuisines come from Mughal Empires. Flavors of food are very rich. Indian food contains spicy and gravy. They greatly use ginger, cardamom, cumin and basil in their food. They take ginger tea after meal or at any time of the day. Ginger tea also gives relief in pain. They use pickles of vegetables, murabba (jam) of fresh fruits with combination of nuts. They use dry herbs as well in their food. Their most likely desserts are Gulab jaman, Jaleebi, Halwa. Other street food includes vada pav, bhel puri, Pani Puri, chura matar, malayio etc. some Indians are pure vegetarian some are non-vegetarian and some are both.

Indians women wear saris which are a long unstitched fabric roll around the body and set the pallu on shoulder and leave the rest free from shoulder. Bindia is also in their religion. Saris are now famous in all religions same way kurta and pajama men’s dress is also from India, men of India still wear kurta pajama.



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