Germany and its Beauty

My friend who was working at Ascho Exteriors told me about Germany. He told me that Germany is located in central-western Europe. It is most visited place and most immigrated place too. Capital of Germany is Berlin. There are many attractions in Germany that attract its visitors every year to visit Germany.

Monument to the battle of nations:

This monument was built in memory of battle of Leipzig in Napoleonic war. The construction started in 1898 and completed in 1931. Estimated cost to build the monument was 6 million Goldmark. Foundation stone of monument was placed on 50th anniversary of battle in 1863. This is an amazing place that has historic value.

Harz Mountains:

Harz Mountains are land of fairy tales in Germany. Mountain streams, dark forests, stormy mountain and many more beautiful things lie in Harz Mountains. In childhood many of you come across the scenes of Harz Mountains like in Cinderella, sleeping Beauty, Little red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, The frog prince and tomb Thumb etc. people who love hiking must have to visit this place. If you want to enjoy the beauty of this place then you have to travel on footsteps. The highest mountain in Harz is Brocken, the lovely and enjoyable place. Harz Mountains have many towns which are rich in history. One of them is Quedlinburg which was ruled by women in history. It is an amazing and beautiful town. Quedlinburg was first capital of Germany. Thale is also beautiful town of Harz Mountains. It is located on one of the beautiful river George. Walk from Thale will take you on mountain top. Walking at place is speechless.  

Nuremberg Christmas Market:

Nuremberg Christmas Market is totally amazing and magical place. You can buy many Christmas items from this market and many fantastic foods too. Plastic items are not allowed to sale there. This market has many traditional things too that are hard to find in Germany. Some of best ornaments of Christmas are found at this market.



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