Culture and Tradition of Germany

I was with a friend who work on Organic Sulfur Crystals and had spend a lot of time in Germany. He told me that Germany is located in center of Western Europe. Germany is considered as a great power of this modern world. It is very populous country. The rate of immigration is higher after USA. In terms of politics, economics and geographically is center of Europe.

German people are very punctual, they respect privacy. They always reach on time whether it is a business meeting or informal parties. They schedule their work and set time and prioritize things. German people like perfectionism and precision in every aspect of life. They are very hardworking people. They hardly accept faults and excuses. They seem very unfriendly but they prefer to be reserve until they don’t get to know the person.

German people shake hand when meet anyone. Keep one hand in pocket and shake with other hand is considered so rude and disrespectful. They call each other by surname until or unless other person gives them permission to call them by their first name.

Official language of Germany is German. More than 95% people speak German. Other languages are Dutch, Roman, Turkish and English etc. mostly people in Germany are Christians 60% to 70%, 3.7% are Muslims and rest of people don’t belong to Christianity nor to Muslims. They are very patriotic people.

They prefer to keep their business and private life separate. They know very well how to create a balance between these two. If they invite their colleagues at home or they visit them, they don’t discuss official matters at informal gatherings. On official dinners or parties they don’t take their spouses with them. These official parties are arranged in restaurants. It is always good idea to bring some flowers or good quality chocolates or sweets to hosts house. They don’t open gift at front of guest. They are very hostile people.



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